The John W. Becker Law Firm, LLC

The John W. Becker Law Firm, LLC represents clients seeking counsel about or already involved in business and general civil litigation (trials and appeals) as well as alternative dispute resolution proceedings (arbitration and mediation). The firm also regularly advises clients on commercial contracts, commercial and residential leasing matters and real property transactions. The firm appears in state and federal courts throughout Ohio, with the majority of its work focused in Northeast Ohio.

During his 20 years of experience, John was a partner in the business litigation group of a large national law firm and managed litigation nationwide as the senior corporate litigation counsel in the legal department of a holding company based in Northeast Ohio.

The firm is committed to serving clients efficiently and at a reasonable cost with an emphasis on flexibility and creativity in solving client problems. From his extensive experience as outside counsel representing companies involved in litigation, and his time spent as the business client himself while he was an in-house corporate attorney, John has a unique perspective and an acute appreciation for the costs and business disruptions that accompany litigation. He knows how much efforts in litigation take attention away from operating a business. The John W. Becker Law Firm targets the critical components of each particular case that must be addressed to be successful while avoiding actions that needlessly increase client costs and legal fees. All legal actions are recommended and carried out with the constant goal of helping clients efficiently and economically resolve the issues that distract from the real purpose of their business.​

John believes it is also critical to approach business litigation from the outset with an experienced eye toward trial, because even early decisions can impact a closing argument. A business that finds itself embroiled in litigation, or about to be, needs a lawyer who is ready, willing and able to take the case to trial, while avoiding that possibility if it is in its best interest.

See John’s Attorney Bio page for specifics of his experience.